Monday, September 21, 2009

My “What I did with my summer” essay

Sounds just like a teacher :-) This summer went by so quickly and I have to admit I really wasn’t ready to start school.  Now I really sound like one of my students. On the other hand, I had student who was telling my in July that she was ready for school to start cause she was bored. I told her she could come to work with me and that would take care of ALL of her boredom.

Most of you know that I work at the Dutch Haus. Well this spring I put in a note asking for more hours but knowing how life goes and all of the college students that would be coming back, I decided to look elsewhere.

Well after talking to my friend Tonya, I called one of the local fruit farms and Jon Huffman decided to give me a shot. I started the Friday after school was out and that was my trial work day. I worked in the grading room and had been warned about the boredom in that room. But it was different than anything that I have ever done. I have worked quite a variety of jobs and this was very different. I like the more physically labor aspect of it. I have thinned apple trees, graded apples, bagged apples and even delivered apples. I graded peaches, sold strawberries at a roadside stand, graded and sorted tomatoes and peppers and got to try a wide variety of veggies and a variety peaches and apples. The only thing I didn’t learn was how to run the fork lift. Knowing how klutzy I am I would end up tearing up something or running something over. So I skirted that little learning experience. :-)

Some friends even joined me there. Danielle, Eric, Stephanie and I got to work together some. They got to work in the outdoors while I was in the grading room. They say that you never stop learning, but I think that your learning depends on you… There are always new experiences to learn from and this summer was full of them for me.

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Mark said...

you get a "A" on your essay! :-)