Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My new toy


I can’t believe it!!!! It’s finally here!!!!! (can you tell I’m excited?)

Now that I have a wireless capable laptop, I’m hoping to blog more. Lol I know promises, promises…

Sorry if I’m bragging but I can’t help it… I’m just a little excited :-)


Mark said...

looks very nice - congrats :-)

Lisa said...

Looks great! It looks a lot like mine - I love it! I bet you have fallen in love with it...eight years is a long time to deal with a slow moving dinosaur. :) Now you will be amazed at the speed and reliability you will have with this new gadget. My old computer used to freeze up right when I was at the end of writing a four hour college paper. As you can imagine, I was lucky to have any hair on my head after these incidents! Last January I decided it was time to get something that wouldn't drive me crazy and got my laptop. We put a wireless router in the house and I am so happy with it. Congrats!!