Friday, June 27, 2008

Miracles Do Happen!!!

Being a girl and not a mechanic.... the other day when my car started rattling, I really wanted to just turn the radio up and ignore the noise and the shaking... But being the brilliant person I am I promptly called my dad (Who claims that I only call him when I need to)... He told me a couple of things that it could be... All of the options were best case scenarios... So on Thursday I took my adorable little car to my friendly mechanic Bob... (Who appears very fierce, but is extremely kind) He told me that it was safe for me to drive till Friday when he could fix both of my struts!!!! Which would cost about 200 dollars :-( Being a teacher means that money is usually pretty tight during the summer... and this was not the news I wanted to hear.

So I drive very carefully all day Thursday, and very nervously this morning dropped off my car to Bob... He called me several hours later and told me that there was good news and bad news. Bad news was I had a tire with a broken belt, an extremely bad broken belt... but the good news was that my struts were fine... And they didn't need replaced!!!!! :-) My total cost was 25 dollars. Isn't God wonderful... He knows just what we need!!!

On top of all of this... Yesterday I was praying at work about what to do about my car... I told the Lord that he knew all about it and asked him to provide the money... My last table left me a ten dollar tip... which was about half of their bill.... Our God is a wonderful God!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Luke's Wedding

Luke got married last month. Since I didn't have my blog set up back then I'm posting late. Oh well. The day was beautiful and we spent some time as a family pulling together some last minute things (like the programs). It was when everyone was trying to get ready at one time that things got crazy. Then trying to get all of the girls ready in a rather small room, doing hair, tying bows, sweltering cause the AC wasn't working in that room. :-) Then smiling and smiling and turn and look at me and smile some more.... We all thought our faces were going to fall off...

I just recently got to look at the candid shots that the photographers did... And there is some definite comedy material. Some of the expressions that were caught for posterity are truly priceless... One photo that I aboslutely loved was the one that has Luke and Joanna kissing during the ceremony, with all of the siblings in the background looking seriously at the couple... It's great. There were some truly awesome pictures and it's great to remember. But I'm glad that I won't have to do it again any time soon...

Monday, June 23, 2008

I Can't Believe It!!!

For the record I never thought I would be a blogger.... Ever.... And for that matter we'll see how this thing goes... Eventually I will be putting pictures on this thing and Maybe even a picture of Me ;-) Those of you who know me well, will understand that comment. lol

The pix I have on my profile is the sunburnt version of me...