Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A New Christmas Tradition

This is not an original idea with me. My principal told me about his family doing this and I decided that I wanted to incorporate it into my life.

So let’s start with a question… What do YOU do with all of those Christmas cards that you receive? I used to just keep them and throw them away after so long. I did keep the picture cards or the pictures that were in the cards, but I never kept the actual cards themselves.
My principal’s family would collect all of the cards that were sent to them and put them into a basket. Then for the rest of the year, they would take time during their family devotions to pull a set amount of cards out of the basket. During the time of prayer they would pray for the individuals or families that had sent the card.
What a great way to remember to pray for people who you have been in your life and remembered you at the this special time of year. Another idea is to write inside the card when you prayed for them or a special request concerning them.
So grab a basket put those pretty cards and pictures in it and your devotional Bible. And be prepared for a blessing of praying for others.