Monday, July 28, 2008

What a Month

Who would have thought that July would be so jam packed with stuff.... since the last time I posted there has been VBS, a fishing trip, work, Youth Camp, work, work, work, calling for the church, jail services, work, College Summer Days, work, etc. And now I am gearing up for another week of busy-ness. AND SCHOOL STARTS IN LESS THAN A MONTH!!! I am a person who likes a set schedule so I will be glad when the schedule starts but.... August is going to be just as full of stuff as July was... where did summer go???

I know it sounds as if I am complaining but I would rather be busy and involved while I can, boredom drives me insane... ;-) It truly was wonderful to see the young people at CSD seeking God. Some of my students, and friends were among those seeking and that is encouraging to me!!