Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quick Weight Loss SCAMS!!

Ok so I have to rant…. I was listening to the radio paying only partial attention to what was actually being said. When I tuned in to the commercial being played, I was frustrated. A weight loss commercial was playing offering the listener a fast easy way to lose weight "without changing your diet or exercising." When will people learn that without a permanent change the weight loss will not be permanent! It drives me crazy that people think that they can continue the bad habits that created the weight gain and still have a permanent weight loss.

Most of us that have gone through a weight gain, whether over a long period of time or a whether an explosive weight gain, can identify a cause. For some it was a stressful time period, for others it was some bad habits that have finally caught up with them, for others it can be the onset of a physical problem. No matter what the cause the solution still needs to be a long term one. No matter how good the promises sound a "quick fix" is just that, quick. If you want to have a lasting weight loss you must effect long term changes. Pills, fancy diets, or crazy food combinations have never been a lasting substitute for good ole’ fashioned self-control. A good dose of self-control mixed well with a reality check on why (How) you gained your weight will produce more lasting results than a pill.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One of these days...

I was just looking at my last blog and realized that I am way behind on an update.

So much has happened since Sept. 2010 and that is one reason that I haven't blogged much... I will be trying to post pictures and give updates of Nate and I.

Nate and I started texting in the summer of 2010 and officially started dating this February. He is a wonderful man that is very considerate and generous with not only his money, but also his time, energy and talents. I am blessed that he is in my life.