Friday, October 16, 2009

Is it just a Hallmark holiday?

Normally I try to ignore certain “Hallmark” holidays because sometimes they are just a little painful. To singles it is hard to watch the married couples be all “gushy.” Please don’t get me wrong; I want couples to show affection… In fact couples need to show each other affection. But it can be more than just mush and gush…


These roses came from one of my students to show me how much she cared… That’s what Sweetest Day is about… Letting others know how much they mean to us.

Mom you are sweet for listening to me when I need to talk… for being an encouragement source as I am trying to lose weight…. for worrying about me.

Dad you are sweet for taking those calls when you know that I “have a question,” for being Mr. Fix-it man, for being one of the most inspirational people to me…

Luke and Joanna you are sweet for standing up for what is right. Keep encouraged God knows everything you go through and is there for you.

To my students… you are sweet to me for your attempts to be funny, your many attempts to do your best in school, and the different ways that I see you growing up….

There are so many more people that I need to remember as being “sweet” that I would run out of time and space.

To all my single friends: don’t get discouraged with the mush and the gush. Use this opportunity to witness the power that you can have in encouraging others.

To my married friends: use the opportunity to remind your spouse that they are a priority to you. In this wild and crazy world we all need to hear that someone cares and thinks that we are special…

Happy Sweetest Day!!!

PS. Thank you for the roses!! You made my day!!