Friday, September 24, 2010

My new car!!! Ok so it’s not a car it’s an SUV….

I know it’s an SUV… But after driving a car for almost ten years it is hard to break the habit…


This is still at the dealership just before I drove away with Yeoman. I know I named it a guy name (for those of you who know Frank, you understand why…….) I was going to have my students vote for the name for my car, but I realized that I hadn’t chosen any names that had to do with being a forester. So being a literature teacher I named my car after the forester in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. 

I have been accused of being a tree hugger while in this car. When it has a bike on the back it does lend itself to that look :-) Just wait till I have the kayak on the top and the bike on the back I’ll look like a green freak for sure.




Can you tell I love the sun roof???

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Stephen & Jenny said...

I love your wheels Lori! I now understand why you were talking so much about your new "car"!