Thursday, July 22, 2010

God's view

One thing that people have said to me is that they want to know my secret... How did you do it... Some time in the near and distant future I might have time to blog about that(lol). But I thought about the real secret to my success.

My secret is this awhile ago I asked God to show me, the real "me." The "me" that He sees, knows and loves. Let me back up and say that if you really don't know me well, you don't realize that I can have some major self confidence issues. The more I prayed to see myself as God saw me the more I realized that I was capable of so much more than I realized. I started to realize that while I had been doubting my abilities... I didn't even bother to try. And by try, I mean really put effort into it... So I started to push myself. I got involved in a competition, because I realized that I could use my competitive streak that is a mile wide, to my advantage. I started to jog, slowly at first then more and more. I started to count calories and didn't think I could live on so few. But I did it. The more I accomplished the more confidence I had. Confidence not just in the very visible results, but confidence in the accomplishments that I was making. I still remember the day that I ran my first round of 2.5 miles in a half hour. I was so excited. Not only was I a former chubby chick, but I was a former asthma kid. I barely completed the president's test every year in school because I took so long to do a mile. And now I was jogging 2.5 in 30 minutes.

I still am working on some of my self confidence issues. But I now see a young lady with a load of determination, a young lady that looks up more when she walks, a young lady with some talent that God can use for His glory. While I can fit into sizes that I didn't think I would ever see again, and the number on the scale isn't as scary, the most important thing is to really see myself as God sees me. Once some of that excess baggage is out of the way, He is able to do so much more for me than I ever dreamed possible.

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Rachel said...

so proud of you! That's quite the accomplishment! I'm on my way as well!