Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"The Day"

As "The Day" approaches, I know that I will get sick of red, hearts, roses, and couples... But for now I thought I would enjoy the moment and put up a Valentinish background... I thought about doing an all Black background, but...... I'll be good ;-)


Christy said...

I totally understand your feelings about "the day". While my reasons are different, I too get frustrated with flowers, red hearts, chocolates, and all that goes with it. Lucky for me, I have an awesome Sister who is going to come "celebrate" with me the day before "the day".

"A" said...

Good job Miss Lavan! Just think it will be over next week!!


Mark said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Lori. Ain't it just the day we all look forward to all year long?!

Don said...

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

From your angelic students:Ashley & Brittany