Monday, July 28, 2008

What a Month

Who would have thought that July would be so jam packed with stuff.... since the last time I posted there has been VBS, a fishing trip, work, Youth Camp, work, work, work, calling for the church, jail services, work, College Summer Days, work, etc. And now I am gearing up for another week of busy-ness. AND SCHOOL STARTS IN LESS THAN A MONTH!!! I am a person who likes a set schedule so I will be glad when the schedule starts but.... August is going to be just as full of stuff as July was... where did summer go???

I know it sounds as if I am complaining but I would rather be busy and involved while I can, boredom drives me insane... ;-) It truly was wonderful to see the young people at CSD seeking God. Some of my students, and friends were among those seeking and that is encouraging to me!!


CALISTA said...

Cool... glad to see you're still kickin'!

Chelgren Family said...

Hi Lori! I found you!! It was great seeing you at the picnic the other day - I am glad to hear you are doing so well! We need to keep in touch!!


Springer Family said...

Hey Lori,
It was great to find your blog while blog hopping a few weeks ago. =) Hope you have a great school year...keep in touch
Renee (Fetzer)Springer